The union could repalce your Employment Equity Committee

The new Employment Equity Bill puts your union directly into your Employment Equity compliance.

Where there is a representative trade union, a designated employer consults only with the union, and not its own employees.

A representative trade union is a registered union, or group of unions, making up a majority (50%+1) of the employees.

It seems that if there is a representative trade union the Employment Equity Committee is replaced with the representative trade union officials only. Employees who are not union members will be represented by the union.  There will be no proportional representation of Black, Coloured, Indian, White men and women, all levels, and disables people. 

The new committee will be the Employment Equity Manager and a union official. There is no provision for shop stewards - the Bill refers to the union only.  At this stage it looks like it is the union officials sitting on the committee. A concern is the delays on Employment Equity, especially in the run up to submitting the reports – do the unions have the resources to serve on these committees in this time?

The Act requires consultation on:
- Conducting the Employment Equity Analysis.
- Preparing and implementing the Plan.
- Compiling the Employment Equity Report (EEA2)
The union is now involved in setting and policing policies, including benefits,  disciplinary codes, plans, numerical goals, recruitment, selection, promotions, demotion, setting and monitoring numerical (and sectoral) targets….

Where there is no representative (majority) trade union, the Employment Equity Committee continues as usual.

There will probably be disputes with non-representative trade unions, but they can only be involved if the collaborate to form a combined majority.  You would probably have an official from each of the unions on your committee.

This has no effect on the Skills Development Committee.  With the dissolution of the Employment Equity Committee, the Skills Development Committee must be reconstituted.

Do not forget: The Employment Equity Submissions deadline is 01 October 2020.  Those clients with onsite Human Resources or BBBEE Services, already have their consultants busy with the reports.  If anybody needs assistance with Employment Equity and Skills Development, please let me know.

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