Headcount, not turnover, decides of you are an EMployment Equity Designated Employer

Turnover will not define an employer for Employment Equity

Currently an employer is designated for Employment Equity compliance if they employ 50 or more employees and/or exceed the turnover threshold for their specific industry.

The new Amendment Bill proposes removing the turnover requirements completely.  The Bill will have one single criteria for a Designated Employer: do you employ 50 or more employees?  If the answer is yes – you are designated.

The 2020 Employment Equity submissions deadline is 01 October 2020, and if you have more than 50 employees and/or have exceeded the following turnovers, this submission applies to you:

- Agriculture: R6 million
- Mining and quarrying: R22.5 million
- Manufacturing: R30 million
- Electricity, gas and water: R30 million
- Construction: R15 million
- Retail, Motor trade and repair services: R45 million
- Wholesale trade and commercial trade: R75 million
- Catering, accommodation and other trade: R15 million
- Transport, storage and communication: R30 million
- Finance and business services: R30 million
- Community, special and personal services: R5 million

Whether or not an employer is designated, there still need to be compliance with chapter 2 of the Employment Equity Act, which includes:

- Elimination of unfair discrimination in policies and practise.
- Prohibition of unfair discrimination, with reference to fair and unfair discrimination and harassment.
- Medical testing: HIV and the specific conditions under which medical testing is permitted.
- Psychometric testing

Do not forget: The Employment Equity Submissions deadline is 01 October 2020.  Those clients with onsite Human Resources or BBBEE Services, already have their consultants busy with the reports.  If anybody needs assistance with Employment Equity and Skills Development, please let me know.

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