Skills Development Levy (SDL): A four-month payment holiday

From 01 May 2020 until 31 August 2020 employers registered for SDL do not have to declare or pay it to SARS.

SDL is a payroll tax that funds the activities of SETAs (Sectoral Education and Training Authorities) and takes the form of a 1%
contribution of remuneration by an employer.

The holiday is an automatic qualification is you are registered for SDL.

The SDL payment holiday will be automatically provided. The zero amount SDL liability will be defaulted on the EMP201 return
for the four-month period from May to August 2020.

The payment is not deferred to a later date – it is not paid at all.

Effect on BBBEE Level
The SDL forms the basis of your target for Skills Development element.  With these four months missing, it will probably have an effect on your BBBEE Target for Skills Development.




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