The CCMA does not want you there.

With effect from 01 August 2020:

There will be minimal use of the CCMA offices, unless the CCMA decides differently.

If you have a set down venue received prior to 01 August, go to that venue, unless directed by the CCMA.
Disputes not already scheduled will take place:
- Digital online platform at the Commissioner’s preference.
- External venue, which can include the employer’s premises.
- CCMA Office
- Conciliations will preferably take place telephonically.  There is no indication if this will be a set down date or a random telephone call at any time.

This should solve problems where disputes are set down out of the province.

Objections: Reasons for objecting to a digital meeting or external premises must be submitted in writing.  The CCMA will then make decisions on how the matter will proceed, taking into account:
- Both parties’ access to online digital platforms and money to purchase data.
- Physical access to the external venues, health and safety and another relevant factors.
No access to the CCMA offices: Nobody may visit any CCMA office for enquiries, submitting or collecting referral forms, dropping off any documents.

No walk-in referrals: Referral of disputes can only take place via:
- Email
- Fax
- Registered mail
- CCMA online referral platform, Facebook or https://cmsonline.ccma.org.za.

- Cases can be tracked on an the #CCMAConnect App.

Arbitration Awards will only be submitted by email or post.

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