…and on the subject of smoking…

While Marijuana has held the stage this month, the news is not as free-thinking for smokers, vapers and e-cigarette smokers.

The Draft Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill addresses the technological changes to the tobacco industry, specifically vapes, e-cigarettes and other kinds of electronic nicotine delivery systems.

In short:
- Vapes and e-cigarettes fall into the same category as cigarettes.
- Workplaces where smoking is prohibited includes lobbies, corridors, stairwells, elevators, cafeterias, washrooms or other common areas used during, or incidental to, the course of employment or work, which would include balconies and parking areas because there is access by other people.
- Smoking, in whatever form, cannot take place in a company vehicle.
- To ’smoke” means ti inhale, exhale, hold or have control over a tobacco product, vape or e-cigarette.
- Employees can object to smoking of any kind without retaliation.
- Employers have to ensure that employees who do not want to be exposed to smoke are not exposed.
- Employers cant force anybody to work in an area where smoking is permitted by law.
- Employees are not required to sign any indemnity for working in any part of the workplace in which smoking is permitted by law.
- Employers face a fine of 1 year imprisonment, or both, if they fall short in enforcing the rules.

So, like dagga, it seems cigarettes, vapes and e-cigarettes are best enjoyed at home, and have no place in the workplace.

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