Skills Development and BBBEE Deadline: 30 April 2019

To be able to claim any BBBEE points from the Skills Development element on your next BBBEE Certificate, there must be evidence of your submission of your Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plan to your SETA by 30 February 2019.  

Failing to do so means that:
* The 25 BBBEE points available for you for Skills Development fall away.
* Your final BBBEE level will decrease by one full level, because you will not be able to meet the subminimum for the Skills Development Element.

Without Skills Development, but full compliance with all the other elements, including Black Ownership, your maximum BBBEE Level is 5.  Without Black Ownership the maximum BBBEE Level is 8.

To comply you will need to submit:
* Workplace Skills Plan (WSP): Plan for training for the period of 01 April 2019 - 31 March 2020.
* Annual Training Report: Report on the training completed between 01 April 2018 - 31 March 2019.

Brentwood can help:
* Compile and submit both your Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report to your SETA on your behalf.
* Assist you to compile a plan to maximise your Skills Development points for your next BBBEE certificate.

Ideally your BBBEE Skills Plan would include:
* 2.8% of your annual payroll training for Black Men.
* 2.6% Black Women.
* 0.4% Coloured Men. 
* 0.1% Coloured Women.
* 0.09% Indian Men.
* 0.07% Indian Women.

As well as Learnerships, Apprenticeship and/or Internships AND Unemployed people:
* 1.18 % of your headcount for Black Men (2 Black men)
* 0.96% Black Women (1 Black Woman)
* 0.14% Coloured Men (1 Coloured Man)
* 0.12% Coloured Women (1 Coloured Woman)
* 0.09% Indian Men (1 Indian Man)
* 0.03% Indian Women (1 Indian Woman)

This can be daunting, but we can help maximise your points with the least amount of cost.

If you already have a consultant on site submitting your Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report, they will already be busy.

If you need help submitting the report or sorting out your BBBEE, contact us:

michele@brentwood.co.za or mark@brentwood.co.za

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