Minimum Wage: Employees can anonymously report employers: IMPIMPI ALIVE

From 01 May 2019 employees can report an employer for not paying the R20 per hour minimum wage to the Department of Labour.  The project called “Impimpi Alive” will enable workers to send an anonymous SMS message to the Department of Labour, which will dispatch and inspector within 48 hours.  Names of the companies that are found to be paying less than R20 per hour will be made public, in addition to fines that may be issued.

So far this year, 292 referrals have been made to the CCMA, predominantly in KwaZulu and Gauteng, mainly for employers failing to pay the amount owing, and unilateral changes to terms and conditions of employment in response to the implementation of the national minimum wage.

Problematic sectors tend to include business services, professional services, safety, security, building, construction, retail, domestic, food, beverages, contract cleaning, transport, agriculture, farming and private educators.

The minimum wage is R20 per hour, R18 for farm workers and R15 for domestic workers.

Employers can be fined:
* Twice the value of the underpayment or
* Twice the employee’s monthly wage
* retrospectively to the date which the payment was not met.

From the second non-compliance the fine is:
* Triple the value of the underpayment or
* Triple the monthly wage
* retrospective.

The Department of Labour has added minimum wage compliance to the usual inspections.

The Impimpi Alive initiative is intended to increase the level of employer compliance.

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