A bit of breathing space – Employment Equity Targets

The achievement of  your Employment Equity Targets will be difficult this year, the Commission for Employment Equity conceded yesterday.

It asked designated employers to try to still achieve their 2020 targets.

If it is not practically possible to keep your targets, the CEE suggests –
- Amending your Employment Equity Plan, in consultation with the Employment Equity Committee.
- Document the changes to the plan and the targets, but document the reasons for the changes.

All reports (EEA2 and EEA4) must still be submitted between 01 September 2020 and 15 January 2021 to the Department of Employment and Labour.  There is no provision for exemptions, condonations or appeals.

If you cannot submit the report, the Director-General of Department of Employment and Labour must be notified by 30 August 2020, with the reasons for not being able to submit the annual report, on the EEA14 document.

The reasons that can be entered the EEA14 form (link below), include:
- Section 197 of the LRA.
- Mergers/ Acquisitions.
- Labour Court Order.
- Liquidations
- Judicial Winding.
- Insolvency; and
- Other reasons, which can include:
o employer no longer designated because of size and/ turnover,
o company closed down because of retrenchments,
o company under business rescue.

The reason are not limited to the above, they will be accepted.

All completed EEA14 forms must be accompanied by supporting documents as proof and must be emailed to
- ntsoaki.mamashela@labour.gov.za;
- lucia.rayner@labour.gov.za;
- tshililo.siobo@labour.gov.za
If you need help with your EEA2 and EEA4 reports, Employment Equity Reports, application for late submission or deregistration, please call Brentwood.



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