NUMSA’s Metal Industries demonstrations and picketing: 23 August 2021

NUMSA has sent letters and emails to our Metal Industries clients regarding demonstrations and picketing to show their dissatisfaction with the wage proposals during this year’s negotiations.

Picketing happens only in response to a protected strike or lockout.  There is no protected strike or lockout in the industry.

NUMSA is requesting the involvement of management to organise the demonstrations and pickets.  Clients do not have an obligation to meet with NUMSA nor cooperate in their plan for demonstrations and pickets.  NUMSA’s correspondence does indicate that management must make picketing arrangements with their employees and shop stewards.  This is not the case.  Should an employer decide to allow pickets and demonstrations, then there must be discussion about how it will be carried out.

Management needs to specifically grant permission for the peaceful demonstrations.

NUMSA has reminded employers that right to peacefully demonstrate and picket is within the Constitution, which it is, but it needs to be with managements consent, or in response to a protected strike or lockout.

The plan is for the peaceful demonstrations and picketing to commence on Monday 23rd August 2021, indefinitely.

Should any demonstration spills over into normal working time, management can:
• Apply no-work; no-pay;
• Take disciplinary action for takin up production time, absence from the workplace, etc.
• Any overtime worked during the course of the week will be paid at ordinary rates to make up for the lost ordinary working hours as a result of the unauthorised action.

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