TERS applications 16 September 2020 – 15 October 2020

Covid-19 TERS benefit applications for 16 September 2020 to 15 October 2020 is open and will close on 31 December 2020. No further applications for this period will be accepted beyond that date.

TERS benefits are, still, only available where the employer:

- is not yet permitted to operate, either fully or partially, due to lockdown regulations; and/or

- is unable to implement special measures for vulnerable employees, or is unable to make alternative arrangements for them to work from home; and/or

- is unable to use employees, either fully or partially, because of operational requirements. Operational requirements in this context seem to refer to the need to limit the number of employees in the workplace by staggering of working hours, short time, etc. as required by the regulations.

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