Proposed domestic workers minimum wage: R23.09 per hour.

Domestic Workers’ minimum wage will probably increase from its current R19.09 per hour to R23.09 per hour under the National Minimum Wage Act this year.

Domestic Workers currently earn 75% of the minimum wage. The proposal is that their wage is equalised to 100% of the minimum wage.

The Act’s increase, as recommended by the National Minimum Wage Commission, is to be based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index) + 1%. In November 2021, the CPI was 5,5%. If the CPI remains unchanged the increase in the national minimum wage will be 6.5%. 

The Act defines a “domestic worker” as a worker who performs domestic work in a private household and include gardeners, drivers, people who take care of children, the aged, sick, frail or the disabled, as well as domestic workers employed or supplied by employment services.

Final decisions have not yet been made, however is probable that domestic workers will be paid 100% of the minimum wage in 2022.

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