Metal Industries closer to possible strike action.

With the 2021 metal industries negotiations dispute unresolved, and the 30 day window period expired, NUMSA called for the issuing of a certificate of non-resolution yesterday at the CCMA-facilitated MEIBC Dispute Sub-Committee Meeting.

NUMSA declared it’s dispute against all the employer organisations on the 29 July 2021. The employers organisations countered it by referring a dispute against NUMSA on 02 August 2021.

In terms of the Labour Relations Act NUMSA can give employers 48 hours’ notice of a protected strike, but the certificate of non-resolution does not automatically trigger the issuing of the 48 hours’ notice of intended strike action. NUMSA would have to formally submit a strike notice, and Strike and Picketing Rules will need to be agreed to, failing which the rules will be imposed by the CCMA.

NUMSA and employers have said they will enter into one final push to find common ground.

Should the strike go ahead it will be a protected strike, which could be met with a protected lock out.

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