Metal Industries wage negotiations still not resolved.

On 02 September 2021 at the CCMA parties to the metal and engineering industries wage negotiations agreed to continue negotiations in a serious endeavour to stave off the possibility of industry industrial action.

Previously NUMSA’s Irving Jim has said, “We have our backs against the wall, there is no way that NUMSA can even think to consider what’s on the table. In essence, what the employers are trying to do in a very sneaky way, is to continue to offer a 0% increase, they just want a standstill agreement, and we reject that.”

NUMSA declared a dispute on 29 July 2021, and employer organisations countered with a dispute against NUMSA, which means either party call for the issuing of a certificate of non-resolution immediately. The gateway to a protected strike will then be open.

Negotiating parties have agreed that the life of the negotiating sub-committee be extended to 14 September 2021. At that point the parties will report that an agreement has been reached or they have been unable to break the deadlock.

SEIFSA has urged employers measures in place, including but not limited to making provisions for stock, material, enhanced security etc to be prepared should negotiations break-down.

The previous main agreement expired on 30 June 2021.


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