State imposed Employment Equity targets are close.

Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour has asked for public comment on the proposed Employment Equity Amendment Bill.

A significant amendment is the regulation of sector-specific employment equity targets, as dictated by the Minister of Employment and Labour, in specific industries, which can include sectors, sub sectors, regions and occupational categories.

Some of the factors which the minister will consider when setting sector targets include:

- The qualification, skills and experience required to be employed in a particular occupational level;
- The rate of employee turn-over and natural attrition in a sector;
- Recruitment and promotional trends within a sector.

The amendments do not seem to propose any consequences for an employer which sets out targets, but fail to achieve them for justifiable reasons. This is however not the case of any employer which does, or wishes to do, business with the state.

Labour Inspectors will assess compliance with sectoral targets, and be able to issue a designated employer which has a non-compliant Employment Equity Plan.

The closing date for the written submission for the Bill is 19 February 2021.

There is the strong possibility that the amendment act will be in place before the 01 October 2021 Employment Equity deadline.

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