National Strike: 07 October 2020: No work, no pay, no disciplinary action

A strike protesting harsh socio-economic conditions, high levels of poverty, crime, corruption and unemployment currently being experienced in South Africa is to take place nationally next week.

Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) has followed the requirements for the strike through Nedlac and in compliance with the Labour Relations Act.

No work, no pay
The strike is legal, and no action can be taken against employees for participating in the strike.  The principle of no work, no pay still applies, but also no discipline for absence from the workspace or involvement in the protest action.

Employee involvement in the strike
While Cosatu took the process through Nedlac, the Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa), the National Council of Trade Unions (Nactu) and the SA Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) have joined Cosatu. 

The employees involved in the protest are not limited to those belonging to unions in those trade union federations.  All employees, whether members of any union or not can join the protest action without any repercussions.

Communication to your employees
Employees should be reminded that participation in the protest action will be on the basis of no work, no pay, no discipline.  The no-discipline provision refers only to the employee’s involvement in the protest action.  Obviously, your disciplinary code remains in place.

Protests issues
The focus of the protest action includes:
- The public sector wage dispute with the government;
- Additional support to be given to frontline workers;
- Better governance.
- The scourge of corruption and mismanagement;
- Safer and more efficient public transport system;
- The Auditor General’s must take more action against corruption.
- Families of politicians should be barred from doing business with the state;
- Politicians who insist on their families doing business with the government should step down from their political positions.
- President Ramaphosa must speed up prosecutions of corrupt individuals

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