Minimum Wage increase from 01 March 2021: R21.69 per hour.

The new National Minimum wage from 01 March 2021 is:

- R21.69 for each ordinary hour.
- Farmworkers: R21.69 per hour.
- Domestic workers: R19.09 per hour.
- Workers employed on an expanded public works programme: R11.93 per hour.

The minimum wage is payable for the ordinary hours of work and excludes overtime, transport, tools, food or accommodation, board or lodging), tips, bonuses and gifts.

Farm Workers: Previously farm workers have earned a lesser minimum wage. As of 01 March 2021, farmworkers minimum wage is equalised to R21.69 per hour.

Domestic Workers: It is anticipated that domestic workers minimum wage will be equalised in 2022.

Monthly payment: For a 45 hour week over the period of a month (4 weeks); the minimum wage is:

- R 3 902.20.
- Domestic Workers: R 3 436.20.
- Workers employed on an expanded public works programme

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